About Us

About Us

Refresh Marketing provides expert marketing advice to clients on a freelance basis. We are a strategic marketing consultancy based in Nottingham, United Kingdom with clients across the East Midlands and beyond. Our experienced consultants will bring a fresh pair of eyes to your business challenges and will make practical recommendations that will make a difference from day one.

We have significant experience in delivering marketing projects including new marketing strategies, digital transformation, helping to facilitate culture change, and implementing marketing best practice in new and established organisations. Take a look at the range of services we can offer your business.

Expert Marketing Advice

Led by Roisin Kirby, a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, we pride ourselves on our expertise and insight, so that you can be confident working with us. Our insights and recommendations are backed up with many years of experience across a range of sectors.

We draw on our experience and further research to create insights that will drive positive change for your organisation.  Our experience across the full marketing mix allows us to create marketing strategies and campaign plans that will deliver a return on investment for your organisation.

Marketing Consultancy Tailored To Your Needs

As an independent marketing consultancy, we deliver only the services that you need, drawing on our extensive network of marketing experts to bring you the very best expertise from specialist consultants. We will create a project team specific to your needs.

You won't pay for our swanky offices or staffing overhead - you'll only pay for the high quality experienced individuals working on your project. If you are looking for an expert marketing advice in Nottingham or the East Midlands region then Refresh Marketing Consultancy is your ideal solution. Contact us today.

We Value Relationships

Relationship management is at the heart of our delivery model, ensuring that your in-house team has a sense of shared ownership of the project outcomes. We want the strategy we develop for you to be understood, and the recommendations effectively delivered. We can coach your team or oversee delivery too, if that’s what you’d like us to do.

We possess the perspective and credibility to deliver your project successfully, making sure that all stakeholders are kept informed and are bought in to the project outcomes.

Insight-driven Strategies

We take a customer-centric approach to marketing consultancy, gathering insight from a range of sources to ensure that the strategies developed will meet customers’ needs as well as business objectives. We’ll analyse any market research and data you have available and draw insights to fuel our thinking. This ensures that your strategies are grounded in fact.

Our marketing advice is based on many years of experience across a variety of sectors, so you can benefit from our experience and marketing expertise.

Practical, Honest Approach

Our recommendations will always be practical and actionable so that you can implement them successfully. We can support you in delivery too if that is what you need. We're not afraid of rolling our sleeves up and being hands-on when needed.

We believe in equal opportunities and transparency in our business relationships, and we are happy to share our policies and procedures with you before we work together.

If you'd like to speak to past clients or discuss your project with us, just get in touch for a no obligation chat.

Our Clients

We’re delighted to have worked with a wide range of clients from public sector, charity and SMEs through to multi-national organisations. Many of our clients retain us for subsequent projects due to the value we have delivered for their organisation.

If you would like more details about any of our past projects please get in touch.