5 Incredible Benefits of Marketing Automation for Your Business

Marketing automation has become more important than ever, especially for those businesses who want to grow and see profits rise. Marketing intelligence firm, IDC, believe that the industry of automated marketing will grow to a staggering $4.8 billion in 2015; showing just how important this business technology really is. If you’re considering marketing automation for your business, but are unsure as to whether there will be any real benefits to you, then here are 5 incredible reasons to say yes.

1. Real leads with no cold calling

The days of cold calling are numbered, with millions of businesses dumping this method of lead generation in favour of more modern and customer friendly techniques. Clever marketing automation software can let you know how viable a lead is, how active a potential customer is on your website and whether they are worth nurturing towards a sale. This saves you and your sales team precious time and ensures you can use your most valuable resources on real leads. You can also use your marketing automation software to nurture the most viable leads, in order to keep them interested and engaged, send out newsletters, event invites, free lessons, tools, and more.
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2. Improve employee productivity

One of the core benefits, that over 95% of companies discover when using marketing automation, is the huge improvement in employee productivity. Both sales and marketing staff will find that their roles are more focused, that there is very little wasted time, and that their overall day is far more productive. You’re effectively shortening the sales cycle, ensuring you close deals faster and that staff are focusing their time only on qualified leads. One survey, by Nuclear Research, found an increased productivity in sales staff averaging 4% and marketing staff between 1.5% and 6.9%.

3. Cost reduction

Many businesses first consider marketing automation due to the lure of reducing costs in various departments; sales and marketing staff overheads, design, lead generation, mass mailing and email delivery. By investing in a software that automates these expensive processes, there is a drastic reduction in costs. Most solutions will offer a monthly or annual fee, that allows businesses to work with an unlimited number of users; cutting down the costs for medium to large businesses. There are also options for smaller businesses who wish to pay on a ‘per customer’ basis, keeping the costs down for those who will be marketing to smaller groups.

4. Dynamic content without the stress

We all want to provide our customers with personalised emails, engaging content and a reason for them to come back and buy our products or services. However, constantly designing new content, web pages and emails can put stress and strain on marketing departments. Marketing automation ensures that dynamic content can be provided to your customer, easier and quicker. Templates can be stored and reused, emails can be customised with customer details, and even events can be organised through the software. You can impress your customers with some of the most dynamic and interesting content, without putting too much pressure on your marketing or design departments.
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5. Return on investment

Last, but by no means least, is one of the best benefits that marketing automation can offer; return on investment. Keeping your customers happy and involved will ensure that your profits rise. Add this to the aforementioned cost reduction and it is easy to see how the return on investment can be great. According to research, companies using automated marketing will see an average of 25% more revenue, than those without. With this increased revenue and the potential to cut costs in other areas of the business, the return on investment is one of the most useful benefits of automation software.

These are just 5 of the many benefits that small, medium and large businesses will experience when using a form of marketing automation. Have you got your marketing automated? Are you considering it? Let us know your thoughts below.

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