How to use Video in your Marketing

Video Marketing on Tablet

Video is one of the fastest growing marketing tools, and recent statistics show just how effective video marketing is:

  • 78% of people watch videos online every week
  • Customers are 64% more likely to purchase after viewing a single product video
  • 52% of marketers worldwide name video as the type of content with the highest return on investment

There are several ways of incorporating video marketing into your strategy, depending on your objectives. Here are some low-cost effective ways to include video marketing in your marketing mix.

1) Explainer videos

Whilst highly polished corporate sales videos have their place, the explainer video is going from strength to strength. In reality, it’s an informal sales video but the focus is on solving your customer’s problem.

In the video you should give people a quick and easy explanation of how your product or service will help solve their problem. This example from Pinterest is a great example of an explainer video.

2) Product videos

Product videos focus on the product itself and are really useful if your product is quite technical. You can highlight customer benefits of each of the features. Take a look at this example from Simply Hike demonstrating a tent.

3) Talking head interviews

Talking head videos are normally simply the head and shoulders of a person being interviewed straight to camera. Vloggers (video bloggers) create informal videos whilst big corporates also use talking head videos for internal communications briefings.

This is probably the easiest style of video to create yourself on a small budget, but it’s well worth looking into lighting, sound and editing requirements before you make a start. A poor quality video will do your brand no favours at all. Check out motivational expert Tony Robbins speaking to camera.

4) Animation

If you’re camera shy or if you’d like to create snappy videos that get a lot across in a short time then animation is a great option. It’s used extensively for digital adverts on social media and can be lower cost to get created professionally. Take a look at this animation for Ebay for charity by Janno Media.

5) Live video marketing

Periscope and Facebook Live have taken live video streaming to a whole new level. If your business lends itself to live streaming, then make the most of this trend. It’s a great way of connecting with your social audience and getting instant engagement.

You’ll need to stream content that people are going to be interested in. Are you at a red carpet event, a conference? Can you give a behind the scenes view of something? Could you broadcast regularly with new exercise or diet tips, or give a tip of the day?

Check out Periscope to see what is being broadcast live.

Need help?

If you’re struggling to include video marketing in your marketing plan just get in touch if you’d like our help.


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