10 Digital Marketing Tips

10 digital marketing tips

What are the main areas of digital marketing that you should be using to promote your business? Our 10 digital marketing tips highlight the top topics that every marketer needs to know about. Are you stuck on one technique or do you run an integrated digital marketing campaign? Read on to find out which techniques are must-haves in any digital marketing plan.

1. Data

Digital Marketing uses data more than any other form of marketing communications. From customer data, to targeting, and analytics, in digital marketing good data analysis is crucial. Use data to communicate with existing clients, create targeted prospect lists, create profiles and to evaluate performance. Watch out for GDPR and PECR regulations to stay the right side of the law.

Still unsure about what do to comply with GDPR? Check out our article on the subject here.

2. SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. Your online presence starts with a well-designed website, optimised for search engines (SEO) but also be easy for visitors to read. Keyword research will help you to identify the words and phrases that you want to rank for in search engine results pages (SERPS). Your website needs to be built around these terms including adding them to your metadata and page descriptions.

Take a look at our article on the importance of SEO for business.

3. Content

Our run-through of digital marketing tips wouldn’t be complete without mentioning content.

Content has always been central to digital marketing activity. Good content is essential for SEO, for social media and emails. Always write with your audience in mind using the language that they relate to. Double-check grammar and spelling, and keep your content simple to skim read. Offer your readers value and give a clear call to action at the end, so that your reader understands what to do next.

4. Design

In digital marketing design covers both graphic design but also the overall user experience. It should be simple for your visitors to navigate through your site and reach their goals. Digital design needs to factor in popular screen sizes and how your users behave when interacting online. Keep animations and treatments to a minimum so that they don’t distract, and make use of white space to create impact. Image resolution and file size are important too as this could slow down your page load time.

5. Email marketing

Data capture is easy online and creating an email marketing campaign is one of the most cost effective digital marketing techniques possible. Keeping in touch with your email list means you are providing a regular reminder that you’re ready to help customers when they need you. Take the opportunity to test subject lines, copy, design and the time/day of your mailings. Always offer an unsubscribe option and be sure to comply with GDPR and PECR regulations.

6. Video marketing

Video is one of the most popular and most powerful digital marketing formats. Keep your video short & entertaining. Tailor the content, tone and format to your intended use. For instance a corporate video on your website will be longer than a video for social media. Consider animation, drone footage and live video as alternative approaches to video marketing.

We’ve written this handy guide on how to use video in your marketing.

7. Digital Ads

Paid digital advertising allows you to closely target your ideal clients based on a wide range of characteristics including geography, demographics and interests. Google Ads and Facebook/Instagram advertising are the most popular forms of digital marketing based on their ROI (return on investment). Run multiple adverts to test different variables and continually optimise to improve performance. Don’t forget mobile-only formats like Canvas and Stories.

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8. Social Media

Social media marketing has become synonymous with digital marketing, but is really just one discipline – closely linked to content marketing. Choose the right social media platform for your target customers, and post regular content that adds value, provides interest or entertains them.

Overtly sales-based posts should be infrequent or you risk switching your audience off. Use design, copy, timing and targeting to perfect your social media marketing plan. Engage with your audience by responding to comments, and listen to their contributions too as this will give you insight into what their behaviours are.

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9. Optimize

Probably one of the most important tips in this series on digital marketing is the importance of optimisation. Don’t ‘set and forget’ your digital marketing activity. A huge benefit of digital marketing is that you can optimise and improve whilst a campaign is live. Always run tests, evaluate and improve. Consumer behaviour is continually evolving so what worked last month may not work this month. Content and visuals get tired, so new approaches are always needed. You simply can’t afford not to optimize.

10. Analytics

Our final tip is to use all the data available to you to analyse performance with a view to continual improvement. Google Analytics and platform data provide you with a huge amount of data which allow you to interrogate customer behaviour online. Get familiar with the data available to you and draw insights from it that advance your digital marketing techniques.

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Digital marketing planning

Every good digital marketing campaign starts with a plan. Start by defining your audience personas and the channels that they use to buy products or services like yours. Start with our article on how to write a marketing plan.

Alternatively we offer in-house training on a range of digital marketing subjects including PPC, SEO and social media marketing. If you need to brush up your personal digital marketing skills we also offer tailored coaching for individuals.

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